As we look back on the span of human civilization, we can consistently see the pursuit of the essence of tools and the sequence of refining them. Tools have become very much tied to the philosophical sensibility of human beings. From those created for destruction we see the rise of forms suited for creation; from articles that are simply a means to an end we see tools develop into objects of respect. Then once more, in the modern age, we can see the forces of commoditization and the market economy reduce these items to mere containers for their capabilities.

I now seek to revive the idea of having respect for these simple objects and to rebuild the relationship between our society and the tools we have come to take for granted. Through their use, these objects inspire a quiet appreciation of the place that tools, both simple and complex, occupy in the structure of human civilization.

I hope to reconnect humans and their artifacts in quiet celebration of form, function, and craft.

Morie Nishimura



私たちの生い立ちを振り返りましょう。そこには道具の本質や それらをより良くしたい という人間の意思を見る事ができます。




西村 森衛






A Quiet Celebration, 2014

The smoking mirror








A Familiar Calm, 2014

Bolted hook, mirror and shelf

Nut, hexagon containing a hidden spiral, is an icon of high industrialisation for us. I look for the way of offering to the industry itself with such a familiar product.


















A Quiet Celebration, 2012

Brass Mirrors

This is the brass mirrors which, through a daily polish, allows us to see ourselves in the same way those that came before us saw themselves.




















morie nishimura


Morie Nishimura / Artist
1976 born in Madrid, Spain
1996~2000, 2005~2011 studied in Tama Art University

2009 established NIAA Co., Ltd.


2012 TENT, London
2012 Creatures of Comfort, Los Angeles
2013 Main branch of MITSUKOSHI,Tokyo
2014 TENT, London

NIAA Co., Ltd.
3-3-12-3F, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

Morie Nishimura